Audiobook Journal


1 July 2020

And now, for a little bit of modern history and politics.


28 June 2020

This short but excellent book takes you on a journey from the primordial soup to the Inflation Theory and how we fit in between. This is a story of our existence, the stories behind equations and the people who created them.


7 June 2020

As a big fan of the question of what my place is in this vast universe, I eventually had to have this book in my library. I haven’t watched the BBC series and have gone in without expeditions. Let’s hope it turns out fine.


20 May 2020

Forgiveness and redemption is the central theme in the closing chapter. Furiously frustrating was the scene where Florence offers forgiveness to Edith and I wondered whether her devotion to her father has blinded her to his stifling of Edith.

Dombey and Son is definitely a good read (or listen), the humour is brilliant, the drama and emotions is definitely a rollercoaster ride but the ending is as expected though I secretly wished for a forgotten Dombey.


17 May 2020

The house of Mr Dombey is finally locked up.

DC just needs a few lines on the page to make it either dark and soul crushing or turn it into a LMAO moment. The dark suicidal thoughts of Mr Dombey can send shivers down one’s spine.


14 May 2020

Bankruptcy of Dombey enterprise at the start of chapter 58 did not surprise me. It looked like a well used formula of the vain heading towards ruin. But Harriet Carker enquiring about Mr Dombey did throw in a bit of intrigue.


10 May 2020

The predator becomes the prey. The most hated character is on the run, from France to England. On foot, by coach, by ship and by rail. He is tormented, he is hallucinating and CD paints a dark picture as vividly as possible. I love in particular how the smoke belching railway is given a villainous facade.


6 May 2020

Chapter 51 and here appears Mr Dombey, and his sister Louisa’s ‘I told you so’ moment and her redemption for being ignored.


29 April 2020

End of a thunderbolt and start of a storm, that is how I came out of chapter 47 and now going into chapter 48.

Chapter 47 strips out all notion of this book ever being humorous so far. This chapter was the steep unexpected dip in a rollercoaster ride.


25 April 2020

Enter chapter 47, titled The Thunderbolt’ and man what an explosive start. You imagine CD sitting at his table writing this with all gusto and then he pauses and puts the pen down and looks right at you and starts talking. Right up until this moment you have been judging away his characters left and right and now when he speaks to you and strips you bit by bit, you have no response. Then he peers past you and talk to humanity itself.


16 April 2020

Quite a bit of a shocker in chapter 39 as I heard this line- ‘If I could be dyed black, made Ms Dombey’s slave, I would consider that a compliment.’

Times have changed.


9 April 2020

Chapter 34 brings in love, sorrow, and a hint of revenge in the making. James Carker’s depth of evil is slowing being unraveled. I am in love with the way CD introduces his characters; you think that they are here only for a fleeting moment but they are actually what this whole book was waiting for. Enter Alice.


6 April 2020

Chapter 31….yes, I haven’t stopped listening but I sure did stop the journal for quite sometime. A lot has happened…virus in the real world and a wedding in the Dickensian world – Mr Dombey takes in a wife.


16 Feb 2020

In mourning. CD doesn’t allow you to mourn for long. How is it that he brings in comedy even during these emotional turmoil is an art.


21 Jan 2020

Walter saves his uncle from debt. An humbling experience for Walter , an opportunity to throw an air of superiority for Mr. Dombey, a damsel in distress to see her knight in despair that was Florence, a Major who stokes the flame of Dombey’s vanity. That was the drama that unfolded in chapter 11. There is never a dull moment. Chapter 12 takes a bleak look at education!


14 Jan 2020

Charles Dickens doesn’t give you a breather. New characters and plots are thrown at you at a vigorous pace but I want to imagine what it would have been like waiting for it when it first came out as a monthly feature back in 1846.

Today I dealt with debt and not much as changed in the way it is handled then and now.


9 Jan 2020

The horror of being separated from your loved ones, the brilliance of a young child questioning the stupidity of a moral story and a not so friendly boarding house for kids. One interesting character after another are thrown at you page after page. 8 chapters in an I highly recommend it.


2 Jan 2020

It was the holiday season and so my audiobooks took a break too. Today I was back to the Charles Dickens world and to a christening of little Dombey and the scene is set comically sombre!

Today also sets the scene where Richards takes a detour to meet her children. I am always fascinated with the way the scene and the characters are described by the author. You can smell the stench of the docks and listen to the hustle and bustle of the streets. Would it be different if I was reading rather than listening?


20 Dec 2019

It has been a slow progress and I only got 39 more hours with this book!

This book has been churning up colourful characters and just when you think you get a break and out pops Susan!

Looking forward to the life of Richards, the wet nurse!


18 Dec 2019

This audio book is 41 hours long and I’m sure I’m going to thoroughly enjoy it. Within the first 15 minutes this book got me laughing. The narrator Owen Teale is doing an excellent job.

Anno domini not…it’s anno Dombey


17 Dec 2019

A promising start and already my knowledge of the English language seems to be deficient.


15 Dec 2019

The final chapter and surprisingly was about meditation. Probably a good idea too!


11 Dec 2019

Metaphysics and romance!


10 Dec 2019

Chapter 19 raises the question of whether we hack the machines or whether the machines are hacking us. What does your step count, heart rate, breathing, the places we visit, the people we meet, all got to do with someone or something slowly hacking away into your life?

I slide into chapter 20 and out comes the Bagwad Gita.


6 Dec 2019

Woke up this morning to the news that the four men accused of rape in India were killed in a police encounter. While the emotionally charged atmosphere in India may be satiated with this news, I shudder to think of the ‘mob justice’ brought down upon them four. I want justice and through proper channels.

And today I drop into chapter 17- Justice.


2 Dec 2019



27 Nov 2019

A subtle move to terrorism, followed by lengthy discussion about war and its advantages and disadvantages! A bit of an eye opener when he deliberately belittles the attack on the twin towers.


26 Nov 2019

Pros and cons of religion discussed and casually moves on to immigration. An interesting debate proceeds along the subject of immigration, integration, questions of differences, racism and cultralism! Turned out to be an interesting listen.


25 Nov 2019

Yesterday was nuclear war, today is about climate change. Seems to be a common theme for his books!


21 Nov 2019

Let the Facebook bashing begin and add in a touch of AI and algorithms. Discuss about human physical and mental disconnect and let the reader ponder about whether they should delete their social media accounts or just get on with it.


14 Nov 2019

A classic YNH move- philosophy and self-driven cars. Thought experiment on ethics as applied to autonomous vehicles.


12 Nov 2019

I’ve started my cold and cloudy day with the author painting a rather bleak future with the raise of Artificial Intelligence and a bleaker future for those not embracing it. Supposition overdrive expected in the coming chapters.


9 Nov 2019

“Walls and firewalls are back in vogue”….nice!

Who has a good story to tell? Well, 5 mins into part 1 and I’m reminded of Game of Thrones!


8 Nov 2019:

Just what the doctor ordered..this book fits right in between Brexit and the upcoming UK general elections!